"I am constantly reminded that we human beings are basically storytellers. More Homo narrans than Homo sapiens. We see ourselves in others’ stories. Every genuine work of art contains a small fragment of glass from a mirror."

Henning Mankell: Novelist and Playwright.

Africa was created for safaris and telling stories. Do you want to create your own?


What we do

We help you tailor-make your very own overland safari and adventure, and we guide you ourselves. Planning and then travelling with the right guide will determine the depth and meaning of your experiences. And then, when you return home, you’ll have endless stories to share.


Why Out There Overland Travel?

Going on an African safari is about discovery. The discovery of each of the iconic ‘Big 5’ animals roaming freely in the vast African bushveld. The discovery of new and interesting destinations and local food, culture and customs.

Africa lives by its own sense of time. And this will lead you to another discovery and that is the value of time, and how it is spent with your family.

Spending time in the bush, uninterrupted and in a ‘chilled’ environment was a masterstroke for my family and I.

Like any good blend of wine or whisky, it is about getting the balance and timing just right. Work time versus together time. It shouldn’t necessarily be quantitative,  but rather, qualitative. In the meaning of life, surely this is a top priority?

Memories are built on the foundations of stories. Stories arise from experiences, which are way more powerful when shared. The power is created when doing something out of the ordinary, something ‘out there’.

What better way to conceive stories than around a crackling campfire while sitting in your comfortable camping chair, in the open bushveld, solving all the world’s problems, or talking about the huge elephant mock-charging you and how you reacted to this. You will laugh years later, as you recall and embellish and entertain with these stories.

This is the glue that binds the family, more powerfully than you can imagine. I can say this with absolute conviction having spent nearly 40 years of my life working at large corporates solving my clients’ business issues, there’s hardly a challenge I haven’t had to face. But the most important one to get right was the balance between work and family time.

The measure of this is answered when I ask this question; 

Why do my sons and their friends and girlfriends want to spend holidays with my wife and I, when surely, there are other attractions seemingly more appealing to them in their 20’s?   

Somehow, we got this right. We have endless stories to share and celebrate and for sure, there will be many more to be made.

So, think of this; overland travel is your blank sheet of paper or your canvas. Bring your pens and paints and we’ll help you create your family’s everlasting masterpieces, every turn of the wheel along the way, never to be forgotten.

Africa awaits you in all its abundance and glory. Let the stories begin.


“An off the rack suit might fit you, but no matter how well manufactured it is,

a custom-tailored version is going to fit you even better.

The same is true with travel.”

Larry Olmsted:Senior Contributor, Forbes Life



What you can expect

  • A safari guide with a difference. One who has travelled sub-Sahara Africa extensively to visit the wilderness and for business. Somone who has knowledge of the bush and business. Chatting around a campfire can lead to some interesting conversation, more than just a review of the day’s flora and fauna.
  • Local knowledge and insights to help you create your own exciting safari.
  • From camping in the wilderness, to staying in some of the most luxurious and exotic lodges you could imagine.
  • Relaxation, enjoyment and peace of mind.
  • A safe adventure with your family.
  • A liberating experience for people who think that this kind of travel is not possible.
  • Increasing your list of travel stories.


Who should read further

  • People who enjoy overland travel.
  • Nature and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Explorers and adventurers.
  • Parents who feel their children should venture beyond virtual reality and experience how extraordinary actual reality feels.
  • Anyone who feels that their disabilities are constraints to new discoveries.


Something you may not know which makes creating stories even more compelling…..

Before the colonisation of Africa by various European countries, African people recorded history by passing events down from generation to generation, through the fine art of storytelling. Nothing was written. So they became masterful story-tellers knowing what to say and how to say it as they dramatise events. It is beauty and an art in itself. 

Community living  is a feature of African life and how they live and share everything makes their sense of belonging that much stronger. They live for and help each other in extraordinary ways and this is tangible in how they treat each other in their communities. This is captured in the spirit of uBuntu, which can be described as ‘the humanity towards others’.

Come and learn about Africa’s ways of togetherness and the art of story telling for yourself.    


Our COVID-19 protocol.
Coronavirus Safety Measures

Please rest assured that we are doing everything possible to ensure the well-being of all our guests and as such all safety protocols must be followed.


Prior to arrival:

Within a week of arrival, a questionnaire will be sent to you to fill in regarding any health issues you may be experiencing.


On arrival:

You will be required to complete a guest screening questionnaire and have your temperature taken.  Should you, our valued guest have a temperature exceeding 37,5˚C, we will unfortunately not be able to allow you to check in and will request that you visit a medical facility soonest.

You will be provided with sanitiser, 2 masks and a pack of filters certified by the University of Stellenbosch.  You are also welcome to use your own masks.

The vehicle that you have hired through Out There Overland Travel will have been sanitised and certification will be available.

Should you be making use of our vehicle, this too will be sanitised with certification available.

All bedding will have been washed at high temperatures and eating utensils will have been sanitised.


During the journey:

It is requested that you wear a face mask at all times whilst in public areas.  Please note that you may not be permitted to enter certain properties without a mask.

Regular hand washing and use of sanitiser (provided) is advised and encouraged.

We will provide you with the protocols that each of your destination lodges adhere to.


The beauty of your overland journey is that you will be in wide open spaces most of the time and usually far away from other people.  This will give you peace of mind and should therefore reduce your risk of contracting the disease.


We are committed to keeping you safe and ensuring that you have a memorable experience with us.